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Crypto recovery & Cyber Crime Investigation Cryptocurrency Tracing & Intelligence

We have investigated and tracked bitcoin belonging to suspects in hundreds of Cyber-crime cases.

Crypto Recovery Specialists

We are an intelligence gathering, Crypto Recovery and investigations company providing cyber-investigation services to a global clientele. We specialize in cyber-fraud (scam) investigation, assets searches and cryptocurrency tracing. With our head office in United Kingdom, we provide our services to clients from all countries.


Norton Intelligence is a licensed private investigation agency that specializes in comprehensive asset searches and investigations of complex frauds and financial crimes including cryptocurrency.

The firm was founded in 2016 and is based in United Kingdom. We work with law firms, corporations, government agencies and private clients throughout the UK and internationally.

Although Norton Intelligence is a relatively new organisation, the people behind it are not. The company was established purposefully to act as a formal, commercial arm of an intelligence organisation. As such, our primary focus is cyber-fraud (including financial, romance & online dating scams), website forensics, due diligence background checks, cyber-bullying and skip tracing. We use advanced open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gain results that other can’t.

Absolute transparency, strict confidentiality, vision and understanding underpin the foundation of our organisation.


If you are considering an investment we can help you to determine if an investment opportunity is potentially fraudulent based on hard evidence. If you have lost money to an investment fraud including cryptocurrency our recovery services are global.

We provide pre-deal due diligence, as well as investigative support for investors seeking to recover funds from failed or fraudulent schemes.


Norton Intelligence specializes in blockchain forensics, data science and transaction tracking.

We have established partnerships with all leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and use a combination of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques to trace and recover crypto assets.

We leverage deep in-house experience as well as third-party expertise when warranted.

Online Harassment & Blackmail

Online trolling can easily get out of hand and damage not only your business, but also your psychological well-being.

Some misguided individuals with a grudge can’t just “let things go” and can turn your life into a waking nightmare.

If cybercriminals are threatening you, your company or your loved ones with sensitive information or have compromised your security and are demanding payment, we’re professionally trained to resolve your situation.


Whether it be to identify the owners of a website for cyber-fraud, or to identify who is responsible for breaching your intellectual property rights, Norton Intelligence can help. Norton Intelligence has years of experience with website forensics and all investigations are done in-house by our team of experts. We pull the website apart to determine what and who is responsible for its’ operation.


Our Experience


Unfortunately you have just two. The first is to simply forget about the scam, learn from your experience and accept your loss. The only other choice you have is to fight back – and we can do that for you. Taking matters into your own hands as a crime victim often means that you will unwittingly take counterproductive steps which delay a successful resolution and may even expose you to liability.

The first and most important step to take is to make contact with us. In your own interest, do not take any action before consulting us, with the exception of collecting data that might otherwise be lost. We will use deep intelligence resources to assess the scale and complexity of the fraud and advise you on the most appropriate steps to take.

Having direct access to government intelligence agencies we can dig deep to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Our internal team can look after the entire legal process for you including registering an official crime with a UK court, freezing the financial and material assets of those involved and most importantly, recover the funds you have lost

As with all Investment Fraud services, absolute transparency with regards to our fee structure is paramount. When we on board you as a new client, we charge a modest “fixed commissioning fee” which is almost always sufficient to undertake the process of deep intelligence gathering for a successful resolution of the case.
In addition to a retainer, we charge a percentage contingency fee on funds recovered.


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