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Through investigative and disruptive operations, we assist the victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams.
Norton Intelligence can help you recover your money by tracing the transaction, regardless of which coin or token you have.
We are based in the UK, but we offer worldwide service.


UK-based experts in cyber-fraud investigations serve global clients.
In addition to cryptocurrency scams, we investigate other financial scams as well.
The Norton anti-theft crypto tracing analysts are both trained and certified in transaction tracing techniques which are more complex.

Criminals using the internet do not recognize national borders, and law enforcement faces a difficult task because of this.
Since Norton Intelligence is a private company, we don’t have the same restrictions that law enforcement has. We are able to track down the actual perpetrators.
The vast majority of our expertise lies in environments that specialize in investigation and intelligence collection.
If you have need of assistance with asset recovery, we can refer you to our worldwide network of experts.

Our team of experts can answer your case when you fill out our form below and will contact you that same day.



During the first stage of regaining cryptocurrency lost due to a cryptocurrency scam, investors and exchanges must first ascertain whether the trader or exchange are indeed a scam. Information is forensically evaluated, including websites, contact details, and financial transfers. The tracing of the cryptocurrency and adding this data will help to come up with the best investigative results.


To find where your cryptocurrency was sent within the Blockchain, we are undertaking cryptocurrency tracing. Then, we will provide intelligence about the transfer. This will help law enforcement to pinpoint where your funds are currently located and to identify who took them out. Based on our findings, we can identify the culprit and freeze their account.


An investigation is undertaken to identify the individuals responsible for running the scam. We lead our industry, and our services have global reach. If it is deemed that you are the victim, you stand the best chance of recovering assets.


Not only are we cyber investigation experts, but we can also get results that other cyber investigation services cannot.
Regardless of whether a client’s assets were lost due to a cryptocurrency ledger, we will locate those assets for them.

This can be difficult space for many, so we want to be as transparent as possible.
We’ll keep you apprised of every phase of the process so you can understand exactly what is happening.


Trading in cryptocurrency is a lucrative and legitimate investment avenue for many people.
The majority of people have had “get rich” stories passed down to them through the use of cryptocurrencies.
But as the popularity of this kind of investing has grown, it has also drawn criminals from the organized crime world.

The most common types of cryptocurrency scams guide people to invest using a broker’s assistance on the broker’s website.
In turn, the broker acts as the agent of the investor, trading the cryptocurrencies on the investor’s behalf while the investor is also able to monitor the trading and withdraw a small amount of money.

The trader websites appear to be legitimate, and it is difficult to tell whether or not they are fraudulent.
Most likely, you will begin with a very small amount of either a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.
Payments will usually be sent after the first investment and the scammer will tell you that your investment did well and that you received a good return.
If you’ve seen the kind of return you received with your first investment, you should consider investing a larger amount.

Instead, you will be advised that the market fluctuates and that it is not yet the right time to exit your positions.
Scammers encourage you to make even more investments.

When cryptocurrency scams have made people hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, we’ve helped them recoup their losses.
But tracking these crooks can be difficult because they operate behind shell companies in numerous countries and jurisdictions, making it harder for law enforcement to pinpoint their locations.
In order to help with investigations into such crimes, Norton Intelligence is able to track down the culprits.
Based on our investigation and evidence, law enforcement may be able to get your assets back.

We don’t only “file a complaint” on your behalf.
We use our experience and extensive international network to track down and expose the individual or people who stole your money.

Full transparency while providing the best chance of recovering your money are the hallmarks of Norton Intelligence.


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