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Online Harassment & Blackmail

Cyber bullying investigations are comprehensive and discreet, and we can perform them for individuals as well as for workplaces.
Norton Intelligence is recognized as the top experts in their field, who help customers put their lives back together.

Why Norton Intelligence?

Every new technological or communication innovation becomes more central to our daily lives as they are constantly evolving. The evidence we have seen, such as social network technologies, shows that digital platforms, such as social media, are closely linked to social aggression. Bullies have extended their reach by using social networking technologies in our homes, offices, schools, and social circles. Increased exposure to cyber-bullying has forced communities, families, and schools to keep an eye on the issue. Surveys show that one in four children in England report having been cyber-bullied, and many families, caregivers, teachers, and the community fail to perceive the long-term harm cyber-bullying has on their well-being. When it comes to parents, the biggest challenge is their children’s ability to communicate globally in their bedrooms using social media, video games, and other online applications. By concealing itself, this silent tactic makes it more difficult for parents to keep an eye on and stop cyber-bullying at home.

Attacks on adults via the internet can cause a lot of damage for the victims who often feel isolated and helpless. Bully activity goes a step further when cyber-trolls get a kick out of harassing celebrities, powerful people, and random members of our society. Regardless of whether you are dealing with cyber-bullying, cyber-trolls, or online defamation, our staff is here to assist you with tracking down the perpetrators and returning the power to you. Get in touch with our team and learn more about your situation.



Cyber bullying affects approximately 1 in 4 British people, so if you are being bullied, you are not alone! In our team of Private Investigators and Intelligence Analysts, we have private investigators and intelligence analysts located in the UK, who are dedicated to taking on internet bullies.

Social Media Trolls

Norton Intelligence, leaders in the field of digital investigations, specializes in investigation for individuals and organizations utilizing technology. We look into social media accounts on a daily basis and possess specialized abilities in regards to social media research. In our efforts to identify social media trolls and cyberbullies, we'll be applying every resource at our disposal.


Defamation is not only a personal issue, it can have far-reaching repercussions in the business and personal spheres. We regard online defamation as an extremely serious matter, and we'll help you find the offender, gather court-admissible evidence, and apply aggressive countermeasures to neutralize the defamation.


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