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Website Forensics

We have digital forensics experts on staff who work with our web analysts.
We will hunt down the nefarious people behind a website, no matter if it is related to fraud or copyright infringement.

Why Norton Intelligence?

In order to correctly identify, isolate, and untangle webs of complex data such as domains, websites, and hosting accounts, Norton’s website cyber forensic analysts are skilled at identifying, isolating, and, most importantly, un-twisting them. Once our team has connected all of the digital leads to the various stakeholders, then we link these digital leads to people, businesses, business partners, and physical locations. We have the ability to explore websites hosted all over the world and for clients from all countries thanks to the internet. A team with considerable knowledge and experience in investigating and correcting all types of fraud, such as, internet fraud, scams, defamation, and copyright violations, has been assembled. To stay on top of these changes, our team stays up to date and by a large extent paces the art of website cyber forensics.

More than 500 scambait sites have been exposed and a group of criminals operating on a global scale have been found, all of which infringed on copyrights for thousands of online movies.

Norton technology will provide you with valuable intelligence that will help you and law enforcement track down those responsible if the operators cannot be identified during our investigation.

For an obligation-free quote, you should ask the team at Norton intelligence to identify the operators of a website.



We provide standard website cyber forensics services for cases involving cyber fraud. When it comes to scams, the web is typically the central component. We are experienced in identifying operators and intelligence from websites.


Over the course of many digital copyright investigations, Norton Intelligence has seen everything. We understand that until offenders are identified, no action can be taken. Cyber forensics is groundbreaking, and our strategies are designed to seek out even the tiniest of clues.


Defamation is not only a personal issue, it can have far-reaching repercussions in the business and personal spheres. We regard online defamation as an extremely serious matter, and we'll help you find the offender, gather court-admissible evidence, and apply aggressive countermeasures to neutralize the defamation.


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